General Insurance Code of Practice

General Insurance Code of Practice

Travel Insuranz complies with the General Insurance Code of Practice, which sets out a commitment by the general insurance industry to aim for the best standards of service possible, and to promote better relations between customers and insurers.

The Code describes standards in areas such as buying insurance, claims handling, responding to catastrophes and disasters, information and education and dispute resolution. Introduced in 1995 with the backing of consumer groups, the federal government, insurers and the Insurance Council of Australia, it is regularly updated.

More information on the Code, or a copy of the Code, can be obtained from the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited (AFCA). You can contact the AFCA on 1800 931 678.You can access the Code at

If Travel Insuranz is unable to provide cover for you, you may wish to visit for a list of alternative insurance suppliers.

There are established procedures for dealing with disputes regarding your policy or claim. The PDS explains what to do if you have a dispute regarding your policy or claim. Click here for more information.

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