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You can rely on us with 24/7 medical assistance. Secure online transaction and instant email certificate. So all you need do is relax and enjoy your trip. Don't worry. Just travel.

For information regarding coronavirus,
please see our FAQ for details.

Temporarily Unavailable

We are temporarily ceasing all travel insurance sales.

Following the Australian Government’s advice not to travel overseas, Travel Insuranz has decided to temporarily cease selling policies.

Please refer to the Insurance Council of Australia for a list of alternative providers.

If you are an existing policy holder please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for information on how your policy will respond as a result of COVID-19.

Things we cover

  • Travel delays

    Travel delays

    Delays at airports are becoming more and more frequent. Caused by various unavoidable factors including weather, air traffic control, security, cancellations, diversions and late arrivals, delays are frustrating but are also a part of life when travelling. Our travel insurance provides compensation if you are delayed for more than 12 hours.

  • Overseas medical expenses

    Overseas medical expenses

    This is one of the most important parts of all the best travel insurance policies, so you should ensure that the cover provided will adequately protect you when you need it most. Travel Insuranz not only covers your surgical and hospital costs if you are taken ill or injured but, if it is serious, will also arrange for a friend or family member to be flown over to be with you while you recover.

  • Missed connections

    Missed connections

    Are you flying in Australia to catch your international flight? What if your first plane is late and you miss the BIG one?  Our Missed Departure/Connection section pays the extra flight and hotel costs to get you to your destination so you won’t be sitting at the airport wondering what to do next.

  • Covers evacuations

    Covers evacuations

    Sometimes local medical care is not appropriate to treat your illness – our 24/7 medical assistance team will monitor your condition and if necessary will arrange for you to be evacuated to a better medical facility – this can sometimes be in another country or they’ll arrange for you to come back to Australia. Our medical experts take your health as top priority.


  • Epidemics & pandemics

    Epidemics & pandemics

    Take a look at other travel insurance providers and you’ll see that most exclude medical claims from an epidemic or pandemic. So for example, if you travelled on a plane and sat next to someone with swine flu, and as a result were taken ill while overseas – you would not be covered. But with Travel Insuranz, you would be covered for your overseas medical costs. Please note that cover is applicable to overseas medical expenses only.

  • Covers cruises

    Covers cruises

    No extra to pay if you’re going on a cruise. If you are cruising in Australian waters, but want to ensure that you are covered for medical expenses, you should select your area of travel as South Pacific.

  • Cover for gadgets

    Cover for gadgets

    No doubt you’ll be taking a few gadgets such as a laptop or phone on your trip. Our plans provide different levels of cover depending on their values. Check this out carefully to ensure you take the most appropriate plan.

  • Working overseas

    Working overseas

    Planning on working overseas during your travels? Non-manual jobs such as teaching English as a foreign language, office, bar and restaurant work, even fruit picking is covered. Combine work and travel for the optimum overseas experience.


  • Volunteering overseas

    Volunteering overseas

    Planning on Volunteering?
    Whether to gain some valuable work experience, help others less fortunate than yourself or simply experience a new culture, then it’s important that you have the right travel insurance to support you if things go wrong. Assuming that you are volunteering in a non-manual way such as teaching, then cover is included.

  • Frequent Flyers points

    Frequent Flyers points

    Paid for your airfares by frequent flyer points such as Qantas, Velocity, Asia Miles etc. and can’t travel because of an illness or an accident? Travel Insuranz will refund you the cash value for these points so you won’t be out of pocket.


  • Covers terrorism

    Covers terrorism

    Watch out - Most travel insurers exclude terrorism completely. So you wouldn’t be covered if you had been involved in the recent terrorist attack in Paris and Tunisia. So long as you are not travelling to a country where the Australian Government says ‘do not travel’, then you would be covered for medical expenses. 

  • Riding scooters / motorbikes

    Riding scooters / motorbikes

    Motorbike – Yes, covered if you have a valid Australian motorbike licence.
    Moped/Scooter – Yes, covered if you have a valid Australian drivers licence.
    Travel insurance is not motorbike insurance. It covers you for medical expenses if you have an accident.

  • Hundreds of activities covered free

    Hundreds of activities covered free

    A huge range of sports and activities - from bungee jumping to zorbing are included at no extra cost. So if the worst should happen and you’re injured, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered.

  • Heaps of other things we cover

    Heaps of other things we cover

    Travel Insuranz also covers:
    Cancellation & curtailment; personal liability; baggage and personal effects; personal money, travel tickets and passports; accidental death and permanent disablement; car rental excess waiver; search & rescue expenses and travel carrier insolvency. (Please refer to the PDS for full details).

Peace of mind

  • 24/7 medical emergency service

    24/7 medical emergency service

    Shark attack? Appendicitis? Broken leg falling downstairs?  Car accident? Fall off a ski lift? Knocked over by a motorcycle in Bali? The potential list of illnesses and accidents when travelling overseas is endless. 24/7 medical assistance from a team of medical professionals will ensure that you get the best possible care and attention.

  • Leading insurers

    Leading insurers

    You should always check ‘Who are the Insurers?’ before you buy. You want to be confident that they are not a fly-by-night operation that takes your money and runs. All Travel Insuranz plans are underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company which is part of Berkshire Hathaway’s National Indemnity group of insurance companies, providing global strength to give you peace of mind.

  • Safe & secure website

    Safe & secure website

    The connection between your web browser and our web server is encrypted to protect you, ensuring that online transactions remain confidential. In addition to our SSL Certificate for encryption, our site is tested and certified to be secure by the World’s largest dedicated security company – McAfee. You can rest assured you’re browsing a safe website.

  • No credit card charges

    No credit card charges

    No hidden surprises with Travel Insuranz. We don't charge for Mastercard or Visa paymemts.

  • Policy emailed immediately

    Policy emailed immediately

    As soon as you have paid for your travel insurance, an email is automatically sent to you. This includes your certificate, policy wording and all necessary contact details.

  • Pay today for travel today

    Pay today for travel today

    Travelling overseas today? Don’t panic – if you an Australian, take out one of our travel insurance plans today and you’ll be covered immediately. Certificate and policy wording will be automatically emailed to you.

  • Claims paid in just 10 days

    Claims paid in just 10 days

    We guarantee to pay any valid, fully documented claim within just 10 days. Money goes straight to your bank account ensuring that you have your money back as soon as possible.

  • 14 day money back guarantee

    14 day money back guarantee

    We are so confident in our travel insurance plans that we even offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied by the policy you have purchased let us know within 14 days and as long as you haven’t started your trip and you don’t have a claim we will refund your premium in full. No questions asked.


  • Awards


    Travel Insuranz plans have been awarded Gold by Mozo the financial services comparison website and has a Canstar 5 star rating.

  • Testimonials


    Travel insurance really comes into it’s own when disaster strikes and there is someone there to help. We think the following testimonial is enough said.

    To Travel Insuranz and the Medical Emergency Team
    Margie and I and Amy wish to pass on our gratitude for the wonderful work... view full testimonial

Why Travel Insuranz?

  • Covers one-way travel

    Covers one-way travel

    There are thousands living in Australia who are planning to travel overseas but have no plans to return. You’ll find it hard to buy travel insurance unless you have a return ticket. Not with us. Simply state it’s a one way trip and enter your final destination. 

  • Buy from overseas

    Buy from overseas

    It happens all the time. People forget to take insurance before they leave home or they have a policy through another insurer which has expired. If you are an Australian resident overseas returning to Australia at the end of the policy period then Travel Insuranz is the perfect solution.

  • Extend from overseas

    Extend from overseas

    Don’t know when you’ll be coming home? No worries – you can always extend your policy from overseas. The cost? The same as it would have been if you had taken that duration before leaving. Compare that with other insurers.

  • Kids under 21 go free with parents

    Kids under 21 go free with parents

    Take out a single trip family plan and all your kids are covered free. So more cash to spend on your holiday! Not only do you make a saving but you also get the peace of mind that unlike most other policies, each child is covered up to the same amount as an adult.

  • Annual multi-trip option

    Annual multi-trip option

    Travelling more than once this year? Then check out our annual multi trip insurance – it offers great value for money. Trips within Australia are covered. There is 23 days snow sports cover included and our Deluxe plan allows partner and kids to travel independently of each other. Great for school trips.

  • Choice of plans to suit budget

    Choice of plans to suit budget

    Travel Insuranz offers a range of different plans. This helps you tailor the cover for what you need and to help suit your budget.

  • Kids travelling on their own

    Kids travelling on their own

    We can insure kids travelling without an insured parent – perfect for separated families or school study tours.

  • Covers groups

    Covers groups

    You’ll find it had to find a more user friendly system for large groups – whether on a school study tour or for guests & family at an overseas wedding or an overseas conference…

Cheap Travel Insurance Australia


Enjoy complete security and peace of mind while you travel with some of the best travel insurance available in Australia for travel overseas. While no one likes to think that things will go wrong when you’re on holiday, you can’t plan for the unexpected and so it is essential to have quality cover in case something does happen.

Whether you’re backpacking through Europe, flying internationally for business, or going on a trip with your family, travel insurance is the simplest way to help ensure you’ll not be left out of pocket in the event of an emergency. Travel Insuranz provides cheap travel insurance for Australians travelling both domestically and overseas, to fully protect you, your family and your property while you’re away from home.

Our affordable and comprehensive travel insurance policies will cover you for most things that might happen to you while you’re travelling, including:

  • Medical emergencies and illness
  • Loss or damage to your luggage
  • Theft of personal belongings and valuables
  • Flight cancellations and delays
  • And more!

So don’t take the risk – insure yourself with one of our affordable policy options and enjoy the journey without the unnecessary worry or stress.

Choosing the Right Travel Insurance: A Checklist

Getting the most out of your travel insurance policy is all about choosing the right cover at the very start. Follow our simple checklist to make sure you’re getting the best travel insurance for you!

  • Travel Destinations: Is every one of your destinations covered under your policy? This includes stopovers, even for just a single night, and any places you visit as part of a cruise or tour.
  • Medical: Do you have enough cover for medical expenses? Don’t forget to take into consideration any pre-existing medical conditions, and the circumstances in which your cover may or may not apply.
  • Baggage and Belongings: Are all of your personal belongings and baggage adequately covered? If you have a lot of luggage, you may want to upgrade your level of cover.
  • Valuables: What valuables are you taking with you, and do you have enough cover for them? If you have particularly expensive or important items, you should consider increasing your policy amount to make sure they are protected.
  • Sports and Activities: What sort of activities are you planning on getting involved in? Check the terms and conditions of how your cover applies, for example, scuba diving may only be covered up to a certain depth.
  • Exclusions: What is excluded from your policy? Make sure you understand exactly what’s included and not included in your level of cover, as well as any specific circumstances or situations that may affect them.

At Travel Insuranz we provide cheap travel insurance Australia wide and overseas to cover and protect you while you’re away. Simply enter your travel plans to get a travel insurance quote. 


For more info see our FAQs and Product Disclosure Statement.