Frequent Travellers

Frequent Travellers

Whether you are a corporate traveller who spends more time in the air than on your office or just an avid traveller, a frequent traveller policy may be for you.

Our annual travel insurance cover, which is often referred to as annual multi-trip travel insurance and standard travel insurance cover is very similar. Annual travel insurance will probably cost you less if you are likely to be going on more than two or three trips a year, compared to standard travel insurance which you buy each time you travel. Annual travel insurance also saves you time and means you do not have to worry about forgetting to take out travel insurance if you go away frequently.

Why purchase an Annual Multi-Trip policy with Travel Insuranz?

  • Unlimited number of trips with the 12 months – You are free to travel whenever you like, just make sure you stick to your policy’s duration and nominated destination.  
  • Up to 23 days ski and snowboarding cover automatically free of charge – Our annual multi-trip travel insurance provides up to 23 days on-piste ski and snowboarding cover automatically free of charge.   
  • Cost effective – If you travel more than once a year, an annual policy may work out to be out to be the most cost-effective option for you.
  • Want to include your partner and children? If you select our Deluxe plan children or your partner can travel independently on your Annual Multi Trip policy.Travel Insuranz has three plans to choose from to suit your needs and budget. Our Annual Multi Trip plans will cover you for everything a standard policy would cover you for while you’re away, see a list of some of our benefits below. For a full list of our table of benefits click here. Overseas medical expenses

-Overseas medical expenses
-Overseas emergency repatriation / evacuation
-Cancellation fees, lost deposits & curtailment
-Baggage & personal effects
-Missed departure / connection
-Car rental excess waiver
-Travel delay
-Personal money, travel tickets & passport

Don’t get caught out without travel insurance, our Annual Multi-Trip plan provides the freedom to travel whenever you as much as you like within 12 months.

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