Australians Overseas

Australians Overseas

Forgot to take travel insurance before you left home, your travel insurance policy has expired or you need cover for your journey home? If you’ve been in this situation before and tried to purchase a policy from overseas you will know it’s not that easy! Most travel insurers will not cover you unless you have taken cover before leaving home. That’s where we are different.  At Travel Insuranz we understand sometimes travel insurance can be overlooked which is why our one-way cover may suit you.

Our one-way policies provide cover for various travellers with three plans to choose from you can continue your travel with peace of mind knowing Travel Insuranz has your back!

Are you eligible for our one-way cover?

You must:

  • Be a citizen or resident of Australia (so long as you were living in Australia for the 3 months prior to leaving Australia, then you are deemed an Australian resident for the purpose of this insurance and can purchase a policy. Please note that in the event of a medical repatriation, you would be returned to Australia. As with all travel insurance policies, cover ceases upon your return to Australia.
  • Be returning to Australia on the end date on your policy which must be within the next 365 days.
  • Aged 70 or under.

Please remember that you will not be covered for the first 48 hours from the date of buying your policy, if purchased overseas.

What we cover:

Travel Insuranz has three different plans which include up to 17 benefits depending on the plan you choose. See our Summary of Cover for a full list of inclusions and the maximum amounts payable under each section.

Sports and Activities: From Scuba diving to White water rafting, Travel Insuranz provides automatic cover for over 90 sports and activities. To see the full list of sports and activities, click here

Pre existing medical conditions: We automatically include cover for a number of pre-existing conditions, such as food intolerance and asthma. Click here for a full list of medical conditions covered. If your condition isn’t on the list we can still provide cover but claims relating to the existing condition would be excluded.

Ski and Snowboard cover: Simply enter the dates when you will be taking part when you get a travel insurance quote. This will ensure that you are covered for any medical expenses whilst skiing or snowboarding.

Cruise cover: All Travel Insuranz travel insurance policies automatically include cover for cruises. Travellers on domestic cruises within Australian waters should select their area of travel as ‘South Pacific including New Zealand’ to ensure that cover is available for emergency medical assistance and expenses.

Motorcycle and Scooter cover: You are covered, subject to the policy terms and conditions, if you are in control of a Motorcycle and have a current Australian motorcycle licence, or you are a passenger travelling on a Motorcycle that is in the control of a person who holds a current motorcycle licence valid for the country you are travelling in.

You are also covered if you are in control of a Moped or Scooter and have a current Australian motorcycle or drivers licence, or you are a passenger travelling on a Moped or Scooter that is in the control of a person who holds a current motorcycle or drivers licence valid for the country you are travelling in.

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