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The team at Travel Insuranz has not only arranged travel insurance for over 2 million travellers but has paid out more than $30 million in claims.

Travel Insuranz is 100% Australian owned and its travel insurance policies are issued by Chase Underwriting Solutions Pty Ltd and Underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s is the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance marketplace. Through the collective intelligence and risk-sharing expertise of the market’s underwriters and
brokers, Lloyd’s helps to create a braver world.

In addition to our 14 day money back guarantee, all valid, fully documented claims are guaranteed to be paid within 10 business days.

Having a medical emergency overseas can be a frightening experience. However, one call to our dedicated helpline is the signal for some of the industry’s most caring and professional teams to swing into action. Called upon to handle more than 20,000 medical emergencies every year, our emergency service provider has one of the most experienced teams of experts on hand 24/7.

Our online processing is fast, simple and secure. Your credit card details are safe – Travel Insuranz uses industry standard 128 bit SSL to encrypt data transferred between your browser and our server. There is no risk of credit card details being viewed or used for anything other than the insurance you have selected. Look for the padlock either at the top or bottom of your screen which tells you the site is secure.

Despite our high levels of cover, Insurer security and excellent customer service standards, we have been able to keep our prices down to provide high quality discount travel insurance by a combination of a very efficient online process and by excluding travellers over the age of 70 who often generate very large claims.

Travel Insuranz complies with the General Insurance Code of Practice, which sets out standards in areas such as buying insurance, claims handling, responding to catastrophes and disasters, information, education complaints and dispute resolution. Click here for more info.

Travel Insuranz, Level 1, 68 Clarke Street, Southbank 3006 is a trading name of Chase Underwriting Solutions Pty Ltd, Financial Services No 454344. Check us out on the ASIC website.

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