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travel insurance scuba divingAdventure is everywhere you travel…whether you’re an extreme adrenalin junkie or a more sedate traveller, we reckon our cover for sports and activities is second to none. In fact, we cover over a hundred different sports and activities!

From cage diving with great white sharks to scuba diving to tandem parachuting to surfing, we’ve got you covered. Inevitably there will be some activities that we have not included. Please contact us at advising which activity you wish to do and we will let you know whether cover can be provided.

Whilst some activities may be covered for medical expenses and personal accident, it is important to note that there may not be cover under the personal liability section of the policy wording, for any liability for bodily injury, loss or damage:

  • arising out of the ownership, possession or use of motorised vehicles, yachts or motorised waterborne craft, airborne craft of any description, animals or firearms and weapons.
  • arising out of dangerous sports or pastimes including contact sports.

Please also note, your participation in activities of a hazardous nature such as (but not limited to) mountaineering, potholing, parachuting, hang gliding or any other aerial activities, sports involving intentional bodily contact, motor-sports and sailing outside territorial waters are not covered. In addition, snow sports, other than curling, tobogganing and recreational ice-skating, are not covered except when the appropriate additional snow sports premium has been paid. At no time, however, is cover granted for ski or ski-bob racing in major events, ski jumping, ice-hockey or the use of skeletons or bobsleighs.

Scuba diving is covered up to 10 metres depth, so long as you are not diving alone, or in wrecks, caves or ice and if you are not qualified for the dive undertaken or accompanied by a properly qualified instructor.

We are always keen to make sure you are safe and enjoy your travels, however, if you choose to put yourself in a dangerous position or put yourself or others travelling with you in a situation in which a reasonable person ought to have known was dangerous, we reserve the right to exclude any loss or expenses or injuries as a consequence of your actions

The following is a comprehensive list of sports and activities that we cover:

We provide cover for your amateur participation in a wide range of sports and leisure activities including whilst officially competing in individual and/or team events up to amateur regional club level. Competing as a representative at state or national level competition may only be included after declaration to and acceptance by Underwriters. Please note that there is no cover for your participation as a professional sportsman (i.e. where you the insured receives any form of remuneration for your participation in sport by way of wages, endorsements, sponsorship or prize monies). You are deemed to be competing as a representative at state or national level competition if you are participating as an athlete in a competition as a member of an official State or Australian team, endorsed by the relevant Australian Sports Commission (ASC) recognised national sporting organisation (NSO), or a School Sport Australia member body.

Abseiling (see note 1 below)




Aussie Rules


Bamboo Rafting

Banana Boating


Basketball (not collegiate)

Beach volley ball

BMX riding (no stunts / obstacles)

Boardsailing / Windsurfing



Bridge Swinging

Bungee Jumping (max 2 jumps per trip)


Camel Riding


Canyoning (see note 1 below)

Catamaran Sailing (within territorial waters)

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Climbing (indoor)


Cross Country Running



Deep Sea Fishing

Dinghy Sailing

Dog Sledding

Dragon boat racing (including international competition)

Dry Slope Skiing/Boarding

Elephant Trekking / Riding

Fell Running

Fell Walking





Gaelic Football






Horse Riding (excluding racing, jumping or competing)

Hot Air Ballooning (see note 1 below)


Ice Skating excluding Speed Skating

Inline Skating

Jet Boating

Jet Skiing


Kayaking (up to grade 3 rivers )



Martial Arts not involving intentional bodily contact

Modern Pentathlon

Motor Cycling (see notes below)

Mountain Biking (recreational only. No cover for competitive or non-competitive downhill mountain biking)




Overland Trips

Paintballing (see note 1 below)

Parachute Jumping - static line - (see note 1 below)

Paragliding (see note 1 below)

Parapenting (see note 1 below)

Parasailing (see note 1 below)

Parascending (see note 1 below)

Pistol Shooting

Pony Trekking

Quad Biking ( see note 1 below)




Rap Jumping (see note 1 below)

Reenacting (excludes use of live ammunition)

Rifle Shooting


Roller Blading

Roller Hockey




Safari trekking (see note 1 below)

Sail Boarding

Sailing / Yachting - recreational within territorial waters

Sand Dune surfing / skiing


Scuba Diving (up to 10m depth - see general exclusions)

Sea Canoeing

Sea Kayaking

Shark Diving - in cage - (see note 1 below)



Skate Boarding

Skiing - snow (subject to you having taken snow sports cover)

Sky Diving - Tandem (see note 1 below)


Snow sports activities - see notes below




Street Hockey

Summer Tobogganing



Table Tennis



Touch football



Trekking (up to 4,000 m without ropes, picks or other specialist climbing equipment -(see note 3 below)



Via Ferrata (using established routes and fixed apparatus)




War Games

Water Polo

Water Skiing

White Water Canoeing / Rafting (up to Grade 4)



Your participation in any activity not shown above is specifically excluded.

Note 1 - Provided by a licenced commercial operator.Cover for these activities is not available in the USA or Canada.

Note 3 – There is no cover whatsoever for any trekking where the summit is higher the 4,000m. There is no cover for any trekking activities in Nepal.

The following Snow Sports activities are covered, subject to you having entered the dates that you plan to participate in snow sports and these dates are shown in your certificate of insurance: Skiing – snow (On Piste); Snowboarding (On Piste).

Annual multi trip travel insurance policies include 23 days snow sports cover (on piste only). There is no requirement to enter the dates that you plan to participate in snow sports.

Motorcycling and Mopeds

You are covered, subject to the policy terms and conditions, if you are in control of a Motorcycle and have a current Australian motorcycle licence, or you are a passenger travelling on a Motorcycle that is in the control of a person who holds a current motorcycle licence valid for the country you are travelling in.

You are also covered if you are in control of a Moped or Scooter and have a current Australian motorcycle or drivers licence, or you are a passenger travelling on a Moped or Scooter that is in the control of a person who holds a current motorcycle or drivers licence valid for the country you are travelling in.

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