Still waiting
It was all straightforward but I still haven't received my policy.
Policy seems decent, but customer service is poor.
I selected and told I was paying for the $65 Deluxe policy, once I had payed the policy dropped to the Premier Plus policy and I was charged $60.
I emailed you customer service team to ask if this meant my level of cover had changed. The response I received told me that a link had been emailed for me to pay the difference. I didn't even receive an apology or an answer to my question.
Well worth the money
Well all I can say is that I have never used this site before but it was so easy to do online
Best insurance
Easy to buy and excellent price!
So easy. Found the quote on Compare the market and it was by far the cheapest and most comprehensive. Done!
Easy and quick to do. Good rates and options.
Web page was easy to follow. Good price and good product
OK - Cheapest Available for the service mix I wanted.
OK - nothing out of the ordinary. Given a mix of key services/requirements, price was the key factor in selecting Travel Insuranz!
Thumbs up!
Easy to use,follow and fill out forms!
Really good service!
Quick, and simple. Choose and pay, all done
What I found great was how easy it was. I was able to find what I wanted and pay without any hassles. Hopefully I won't have to make a claim because that would be the true test of how good you really are :-)
Great price, good value for money
The information on the site was simple to follow stress free
Quick and cost effective
Very well priced and an easy to use web site
I could not complete filling in the form on my computer as the drop down boxes would not completely drop down. Tasmania and Victoria were missing from the States and territory list and the month of expiration for my card only went to the 5th. Better luck on my phone but I wasted a lot of time trying to sort it out.
premium insurance
quick and easy
We very happy with the premium that you over to us, and the explain for the cover
ease of use
quick and easy to get
It was a quick and easy process and the price was good I will just have to see if I need to make a claim how it would go
I thought the travel insurance was amazingly priced, especially for the deluxe package which covered everything i needed! I will definitely be using them next time i travel as well.
So far so good
So far I have found this company very easy to use and at a great price, I'm grateful that I could adjust the dates with no extra cost (still travelling the same time frame 1yr but flights had been changed on us so we had to change dates) which in our case was very helpful not having to cancel the entire policy to do it again
Best cover and price
Travel Insuranz had the best cover for our 4 day cruise in Australian Waters. We were advised that any medical evacuations from the ship wouldn't be covered by medicare and so to take out insurance. TI had the best deal for us with both price and cover offered. It was also easy to navigate the online purchase.
great and easy
Ease of purchase
Easy instructions, information format easy to follow, unlike many of the others
So far everithing is ok
Yes the price and all it include
Good Experience
Lets wait and see if I actually have to use your service at some point. Online was easy and your prices very reasonable.
Easy to buy online with conditions well explained
We bought our policy online which was quick, easy and I thought with the PDS easy to know what is covered and what is not. We have no travelled yet so can't comment on making a claim, but the process to buy online is easy.
Great value for money
Really easy online site with value for money prices on travel insurance.
Lack of Clarity
I found it stressful that there is no list of countries included in each category. I took a risk assuming middle east is included in worldwise exc canada and usa but would feel better seeing that it does! Would love to see this included on your site.
Quick and easy
Fast and easy to complete online as well as to compare different levels of coverage. Also like the fact that coverage can be amended prior to coverage if your plans change (i.e. duration of trip). The additional 10 % discount for renewing my policy was good as well.
Easy insurance
The site was very easy to navigate and the information was clear. It was a very easy process to buy the insurance'
Well worth a look
Very concise PDS and competitively priced.
Very simple to purchase. Hope it is as simple if I have to make claim.
Very easy and uncomplicated website to use
Confusing response that was not clarified when I asked further questions. Bought a policy for my children but was told to buy a second policy after buying their policy. Why?? I asked for the policy to Ben cancelled
Fast and easy not to mention cheaper than anywhere else
Great online experience, fast, easy and cheap
Easy, good price
Site was easy to navigate, price was fair. Dont know what they are like when it comes to making claims.
Clear and precise online experience
An easy online experience especially for older travellers without the complications of pre-existing conditions being a big deal. We fully understand the ramifications of our diagnosed conditions. Hoping for a claim free adventure.
user friendly
Easy to use, great, quick
perfect fast
Easy to use and good value
Thank you Travel Insuranz. Easy to use and good value too!
Great website
Easy to buy the policy online
Quick to choose and pay
Actual process to choose and pay for travel insurance was quick and easy. There was an offer for a free international sim card which was appealing but the link didn't go through so we couldn't claim. Asked the chat line for advice but by the time we got the answer that we needed to hit F5 to refresh the link was gone and we had no way of getting it back to claim the travel sim so have probably missed out
Awesome quick and easy process.
After trying many insurance sites for group insurance this was the one who got back to me quickly with a great price. Easy to navigate and prompt service. Hopefully we wont need it but if we do i hope its as easy at the other side.
clear and easy internet process, good product and price
clear and easy internet process, good product and price
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What type of cover are you looking for?

Single trip: Covers trips of up to a total of 365 days in total inc one way travel. Cover for snow sports activities can be included.

Annual multi trip: Covers you for an unlimited number of trips over a 12 month period up to a maximum duration of 31, 45, 62 or 93 days per trip after which you must return to Australia before commencing a new trip. Trips wholly within Australia are insured if they include at least one overnight stay and a minimum distance of 250kms from your place of residence. Each policy includes up to 23 days snow sports cover (on piste). If you are travelling over 93 days, please select a standard, single trip travel insurance quote.

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Cover Start Date

And it should end on

Please select the date that you plan to return back into Australia or if you are on a one way trip - the date that you will arrive in your final destination.

Cover End Date

Travellers planning to stay in the United States (not Canada) for 365 days or more: Following recent healthcare reforms in the United States we are unable to insure travellers who are planning to be in the United States (not Canada) for 365 days or more.

Cover End Date


Will you be travelling to countries outside of the USA & Canada?

If you plan to visit the USA or Canada more than once during your trip, please calculate the total number of days you will be there. Then enter the date leaving USA or Canada as the total number of days from the date arriving.

For example: You will be in the US from 1st March to 31st March (31 days) and 10th October to 26th October (17 days) = 48 days in total. So you would have a start date of 1st March and an end date of 17th April. Ie 48 days. You will receive your certificate in an email, so simply reply to the email advising the correct dates of travel within USA or Canada and we will endorse the policy accordingly.

Following healthcare reforms in the US we cannot insure travellers who are planning to stay in the USA (not Canada) for 365 days or more.

Date arriving in USA/Canada

Date leaving USA/Canada

Travellers Complete!

In order to obtain the best value, you should include a least one adult in each policy. The maximum number of travellers we can insure under one quote/policy is 25. If you have more than 25 then you should obtain more than one quote but ensuring that there is an adult in each subsequent quote.

Please note that ages are at the date of obtaining the quote, not the date of travel.

Traveller's Age

We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.


We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

Traveller's Age

We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

Adults 21 to 35 years

Adults 36 to 50 years

Adults 51 to 55 years

How many people should be covered?

We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

Adults 56 to 60 years

How many people should be covered?

We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

Adults 61 to 65 years

Adults 66 to 70 years

Children under 21 in a family

Other children under 21 years

For more info see our FAQs and Product Disclosure Statement.