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At Travel Insuranz we offer a wide range of cheap travel insurance options to suit every type of traveller, trip, budget and destination. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure; on your own or with your family; we can provide travel insurance Australia wide and overseas so you can travel safe and worry-free.

For more information about our comprehensive and affordable travel insurance policies, please see our Frequently Asked Questions and Product Disclosure Statement.

Cheap Travel Insurance for Every Traveller

Browse our various types of travel insurance and find out what is included in the cover below. For a no-obligation quote, simply enter your travel details and receive an instant travel insurance quote for your next trip!

International Travel Insurance

Our international travel insurance will cover you no matter where you are in the world, to protect you, your family and your belongings when the unexpected happens. From medical emergencies and flight cancellations, to natural disasters and a huge range of recreational sports and activities, Travel Insuranz can provide you with reliable financial protection and peace of mind so that you can make the most of your trip.

Select a level of international travel insurance that works for you, your budget and your travel plans, and enjoy your overseas trip knowing you’ll be compensated in an unexpected emergency.

Our affordable policies cover the following situations:

  • Medical expenses and emergencies
  • Flight cancellations, delays and curtailment
  • Loss, theft or damage to your baggage and belongings
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Catastrophes and terrorism
  • Working holidays and volunteering
  • And much more! View our Summary of Cover to see what is included with every international travel insurance plan. 


Important Tip:

Make sure you select the correct area or areas of travel that you will be visiting when applying for international travel insurance, to ensure that you are fully covered wherever you are in the world.

This should include any stopovers – even if just for one night – and any destinations that you visit as part of a cruise holiday.


Backpacker Travel Insurance

As one of the most crucial forms of travel insurance, backpacker travel insurance will cover you for your health and belongings when you’re travelling around the world out of a backpack or suitcase.

With 24/7 medical assistance from anywhere in the world, and cover for nearly everything you may need including flight cancellations and travel delays, your baggage and personal belongings, and sports and recreational activities, you’ll have the freedom and financial security to make the most of your backpacking trip.  

Our flexible policy options and varying levels of cover allow you to select a plan that suits you. Every backpacker travel insurance policy from Travel Insuranz also comes with a number of additional features automatically included, such as:

  • Cover for both short and long trips
  • The ability to purchase and extend your policy from overseas
  • Cover for a massive range of sports and recreational activities, including high-risk activities – see all the activities we cover here.
  • Cover for working holidays and volunteering overseas
  • A 14 day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Immediate cover as soon as you take out a policy
  • All valid, fully documented claims paid out within just 10 business days

At Travel Insuranz we also provide reliable cover options even if you don’t yet have a return ticket, or don’t plan on returning to Australia at all. So don’t take the risk – take out backpacker travel insurance and see the world on your own terms, without any added worries or stress.

Student Travel Insurance

Whether you’re still at school or you’re taking a trip between university semesters, Travel Insuranz has a wide range of student travel insurance policies to ensure you are compensated in an unexpected emergency while you’re away from home.

Our cheap travel insurance Australia wide and overseas will cover you no matter where in the world you’re travelling to, or how old you are. We provide group cover – perfect for school study tours – and single child cover for young students travelling on their own.

And if you’re a university student, we offer varying levels of affordable cover to suit your budget and trip.

Take out a student travel insurance plan with Travel Insuranz today and you will automatically be covered for:

  • Medical emergencies and illness with our 24/7 international medical assistance team
  • Loss or damage to your luggage and valuables
  • Theft of your belongings
  • Flight cancellations and travel delays
  • And much more – see our Summary of Cover for exactly what is included in your policy.

Going on a student working holiday or volunteering overseas? We’ve got you covered for that too! Any non-manual, non-hazardous work you do while you’re away such as teaching, office or bar work, and even fruit picking, is automatically included in your insurance policy.

Get in touch if you need more information or aren’t sure whether the work you will be doing is included in your student travel insurance plan.

Single and Multi Trip Travel Insurance

At Travel Insuranz we also offer flexible single and multi trip policy options, to allow you to take out the most effective and affordable plan for you. Both types of policies are very similar in what they cover and the levels of protection they offer, but if you are a frequent traveller then you have the option of saving money by taking out multi trip travel insurance.

Here’s how they differ:

Single trip travel insurance needs to be purchased each time you travel. So if you only plan trips once in a while, then single trip travel insurance will ensure you are fully covered for your time away. 

But if you travel more frequently than once or twice a year, multi trip travel insurance offers fantastic value for money and saves you having to take out a new travel insurance policy each time you go away. It covers both domestic and overseas trips, and gives you the option to cover your partner and children independently of each other so you can all travel on your own.

Apply for a travel insurance quote today to find out just how much you can save!

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We are unable to sell policies for people travelling before 1 September 2020. Learn More

We cannot issue any policies for travel before 1 September 2020 due to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s (DFAT) travel advice being upgraded to Do Not Travel (Level 4). For more information email us on travel@travelinsuranz.com.au.

If you are an existing policy holder please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for information on how your policy will respond as a result of COVID-19.





Destination & Type of Cover Complete!

What type of cover are you looking for?

Single trip: Covers trips of up to a total of 365 days in total inc one way travel. Cover for snow sports activities can be included.

Annual multi trip: Covers you for an unlimited number of trips over a 12 month period up to a maximum duration of 31, 45, 62 or 93 days per trip after which you must return to Australia before commencing a new trip. Trips wholly within Australia are insured if they include at least one overnight stay and a minimum distance of 250kms from your place of residence. Each policy includes up to 23 days snow sports cover (on piste). If you are travelling over 93 days, please select a standard, single trip travel insurance quote.

Policy Type

Where are you travelling to?

Please select the region where you are travelling to: The countries covered under each region will appear when you select the region.

Travelling To

How many people should be covered?

Please select whether you are travelling as an individual, with your partner / friend (couple) ; as a family group where one of the children is under 21 years; as a group.


Maximum Trip Length

Travel Dates Complete!

I'd like my cover to start on

Please select the day that you commence your trip. You will be covered for claims that result in you having to cancel your trip before this date and therefore forfeit deposits paid - subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Cover Start Date

Cover Start Date

And it should end on

Please select the date that you plan to return back into Australia or if you are on a one way trip - the date that you will arrive in your final destination.

Cover End Date

Travellers planning to stay in the United States (not Canada) for 365 days or more: Following recent healthcare reforms in the United States we are unable to insure travellers who are planning to be in the United States (not Canada) for 365 days or more.

Cover End Date


Will you be travelling to countries outside of the USA & Canada?

If you plan to visit the USA or Canada more than once during your trip, please calculate the total number of days you will be there. Then enter the date leaving USA or Canada as the total number of days from the date arriving.

For example: You will be in the US from 1st March to 31st March (31 days) and 10th October to 26th October (17 days) = 48 days in total. So you would have a start date of 1st March and an end date of 17th April. Ie 48 days. You will receive your certificate in an email, so simply reply to the email advising the correct dates of travel within USA or Canada and we will endorse the policy accordingly.

Following healthcare reforms in the US we cannot insure travellers who are planning to stay in the USA (not Canada) for 365 days or more.

Date arriving in USA/Canada

Date leaving USA/Canada

Travellers Complete!

In order to obtain the best value, you should include a least one adult in each policy. The maximum number of travellers we can insure under one quote/policy is 25. If you have more than 25 then you should obtain more than one quote but ensuring that there is an adult in each subsequent quote.

Please note that ages are at the date of obtaining the quote, not the date of travel.

Traveller's Age

We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.


We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

Traveller's Age

We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

Adults 21 to 35 years

Adults 36 to 50 years

Adults 51 to 55 years

How many people should be covered?

We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

Adults 56 to 60 years

How many people should be covered?

We can insure travellers up to and including 70 years at the date of purchase. Please note it is age at date of purchase rather than at date of travel.

Adults 61 to 65 years

Adults 66 to 70 years

Children under 21 in a family

Other children under 21 years

For more info see our FAQs and Product Disclosure Statement.